Tire retreading business plan

Share on Facebook Millions of used tires are generated annually in the United States. Unlike other vehicle components, tires may not offer any meaningful use to the owner once they are worn out. As a business, you can make money recycling used tires to meet demand in other markets.

Tire retreading business plan

Contact Us Commercial Save money and get the best value out of your commercial tires when you contact us for our tire retreading service. Also known as tire recapping, retreading is a time-proven, safe way to increase the life of your current commercial tires. Join local and national businesses across the country, including the United Postal Service, in making retread tires a part of your budget plan.

Retreading If you're new to retreading, you may have seen some different terms thrown around online. Here's a quick lowdown on tire recap, regroove, and retread services: Recapping is an old industry term for what is now more commonly called tire retreading.

Regrooving is a process that makes use of existing tread depth by adding new grooves to the original rubber. Besides some safety concerns, the regrooving process greatly reduces the likelihood of that tire being eligible for retread in the future. Retreading, also known as recapping, involves buffing away the original tire tread, and applying a new layer of tread.

We know tire retreads work and promote them as an affordable alternative to buying new commercial tires. Of course, when your retread tires are completely finished, you can always find new tires for sale at affordable prices at DLS Tire Centers, Inc.

Businesses often get thousands of additional miles out of commercial retread tires. In addition, retread tires are environmentally friendly.

Save money and promote the green initiatives of your business when you contact us for our tire retreading service. Our Tire Retread Process Our experienced technicians will do the following: Inspect the condition of your tires and ensure that your current tires are still usable.

tire retreading business plan

Buff away the remainder of your old tread. Apply an entirely new rubber tread using specialized machinery. The result is a commercial tire every bit as effective as a brand new tire.

At DLS Tire Centers, Inc, we've developed a reputation for excellent customer service and quality work at an honest price. Our staff of personable, certified technicians will have your tires performing again in no time.1.

What tire will you prefer? 2. Will the fact that by buying a retreaded tire you can do good for the environment play a role in your preference? 3. Will the fact that our company forms a joint venture with Oliver Rubber Company, one of tire retreading leaders in the world, inspire trust towards.

When you need your vehicle's tire changed or rotated, expect the skilled technicians here to take care of either service for you with efficiency and grupobittia.comarle Tire & Retreading Company's certainly ready for your business at their terrific body shop.

Are you a business owner who wishes cost reduction? willing to optimize your business returns of every tire you provide? willing to obtain the lowest cost/km for every tire you retread? wish that the retreading of your tires is worked out by a company that have more than a total of costumers?

TIRE RETREADING Continue reading SERVICE →. King is talking about Community Tire Retreading, which also happens to be Copart’s most prominent recapper. Community Tire is the recapper for GCR Tires, one of the largest tire distributors in.

SEE: TIRE RETREADING BUSINESS PLAN. Conclusion This tire recycling business plan sample presents a format or template to the entrepreneur to work with.

All the entrepreneur needs to do is to carefully follow the guidelines laid out in this sample business plan for best results. This article presents you with a tire retreading business plan sample that will assist you in drafting one for your tire retreading business. Basically, the tire retreading company or shop retreads tires for the consumer, commercial and industrial uses.

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