The importance of professional associations essay

The Importance of Professional Associations: The benefits of associations are numerous, ranging from receiving alerts about job opportunities and internships to receiving mentoring.

The importance of professional associations essay

Principles for Ethical Leadership Code of Ethics: Principles for Ethical Leadership by Cathy A. A review and comparative analysis of a pledge and codes of ethics from,and for a health information management association was conducted.

Highlights of some changes in the healthcare delivery system are identified as a general context for the codes of ethics. The codes of ethics are examined in terms of professional values and changes in the language used to express the principles of the various codes.

The principles in a code of ethics can provide invaluable assistance for the ethical health information management HIM leader. Inthe American College of Surgeons ACOS was founded, and in the ACOS needed a mechanism to review the surgical work of their fellowship candidates, based on the submission of medical records.

Professional values for HIM include the importance of education and technical competency, patient safety, data validity and accuracy, truthfulness, compassion, and dedication to providing quality services in professional roles.

Decision-making criteria for work decisions can include technological feasibility, reasonable cost, legality, available personnel expertise, standards of care, and organizational goals.

The importance of professional associations essay

The ethical decision is what should be done the best actiongiven the competing interests, obligations, and values of others involved in making the decision.

This criterion requires the professional to consider values that are beyond the personal and to take into account the values and perspectives of others who are involved. The core ethical principles of beneficence do goodnonmaleficence do not harmautonomy control by the individualand justice fairness stated by Beauchamp and Childress7 are important to a code of ethics.

A review of codes of ethics from to revealed the following values: HIM professionals cannot wait for the law, policies and procedures, and other administrative systems to guide their actions because problems often arise and decisions must be made prior to the ability of these systems to offer guidance.

For example, genetic discrimination and medical identity theft had to be dealt with far in advance of legislation or policies and procedures to guide actions. A code of ethics can provide immediate guidance on what should be done. Following the creation of the professional association inan ethical pledge was written in to guide professional behaviors.

The ethical pledge was written and presented by Grace Whiting Myers at the first annual professional convention. The codes of ethics allowed professionals to examine the complexities of the world of work and to obtain guidance for ethical decision-making.

Development of a Code of Ethics for the Professional Association A profession develops in the context of the world, not in an isolated silo. A professional HIM code of ethics is shaped by the context of the times, changes in the healthcare system, and the issues faced by the profession and the public at large.

See Table 2 for some of the changes in the healthcare system at the time that the various codes of ethics were passed.

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The association changed its name several times over the years: The responsibility to protect privacy was clearly defined in the pledge. This pledge was written and read by Grace Whiting Myers at the first annual professional association meeting in Boston as follows: I pledge myself to give out no information from any clinical record placed in my charge, or from any other source to any person whatsoever, except upon order from the chief executive officer of the institution which I may be serving.

Subsequent codes of ethics built on the core values and principles of this pledge. Place service before material gain, the honor of the profession before personal advantage, the health and welfare of patients above all personal and financial interests, and conduct himself in the practice of this profession so as to bring honor to himself, his associates, and to the medical record profession.

Operations management was important following World War II. At that time, organizations were concerned with time, production, and automation. For example, a discussion of ethics for medical record librarians notes: An introduction that described the role of the HIM practitioner and the professional association was added.

The individual was evaluated in the context of the larger community and network of relationships. The code of ethics dealt with association responsibilities the larger community within which HIM professionals functioned and moved beyond the focus on the patient to others in the world of work and the professional communities.We believe joining a professional association or organization is one of the best things you can do!

Read on for more: No matter what your chosen field of study, as a graduate student you want to remain in the mainstream of your desired field. For that to happen, organizations need to abide by ethics or rule of law, engage themselves in fair practices and competition; all of which will benefit the consumer, the society and organization.

Primarily it is the individual, the consumer, the employee or the human social unit of . A model of professional and personal leadership's impact on willing cooperation was developed and tested.

Respondents provided perceptions of the leadership of their organizations and reported the extent to which they willingly cooperate with their organization's leadership.

The importance of professional associations essay

Another important reason to consider membership to a professional organization is to take advantage of their career resources. Associations often have job listings online or in .

Values and Ethics

The code of ethics for a professional association incorporates values, principles, and professional standards. The code of ethicsincluded a preamble that highlighted the ethical obligations of the HIM professional, the importance of professional values, the purposes of the code of ethics, and how the code should be used by HIM.

Professional certification is a voluntary process by which a non-governmental professional organization grants recognition to an individual who has met certain qualifications. It is a credential which attests that the individual has demonstrated a certain level of mastery of a specific body of knowledge and skills within the relevant field of.

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