The biology of the algal bloom essay

Algae consume carbon dioxide during the procedure ; byproduct from the procedure is oil, minerals, proteins and O.

The biology of the algal bloom essay

The biology of the algal bloom essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. This phenomenon can occur in bodies of water that range from small ponds to lakes to large coastal regions. Marine occurrences are often reported along the southwest coast of India, southwest Africa, southern California, Texas, Florida, Peru, and Japan.

Factors associated with red tides or bloom are long hours of sunlight, shallow warm, offshore water, and high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus. Both species produce a water soluble toxin of high potency level that affects animal nervous systems.

We are going to discuss about the biology of the red tides, what brings them about and what do they bring both to the environment and the humans.

The biology of the algal bloom essay

According to the Wikipedia encyclopedia, the red tide is an occurrence mostly observed in the estuarine and coastal areas. The algae occur in masses both in salty and fresh water bodies.

The algae are microscopic, and for this reason they also fall in the phytoplankton class. The photosynthetic pigments of these microorganisms, according to the Wikipedia encyclopedia, vary from the photosynthetic pigment green, to the neutral colors of black and white when the microorganism concentration is very high.

The toxin as we are going to discuss a menace to other living creatures of the great waters such as the fish, and the sea mammals. The red tides a pert from production of toxins is connected with low oxygen concentrations, and for this reason we can conclude that a bigger percentages of the mortalities observed in coastal areas are associated with a high concentration of this microorganism.

One notable example of toxins that are produced by this microorganism is the brevetoxin, which according to the Wikipedia encyclopedia is a natural secretion of the algae called the Karenia brevis. Thomas et al have found that many other blooms exist by being [4]caused by other forms of Algae.

This microorganism provide the class of Prymnesim parvum, which is actually a chrysolite, and the blue green species of Mycrocystis, Anabaena, Nostoc, Aphanizomenon, Gloeotrichia, and the most notorious one Oscillatoria.

Actually as we have already mentioned the blooms are said not to be necessarily green in color, however; a species of the Oscillatoria is most notorious with the red blooms.

Thomas and the colleagues have said that the origin of the name the red sea is traced from the numerous species of the genus Oscillatoria, which produced a mass of the red pigment over the surface of the sea.

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Besides the Oscillatoria, a mere 72 gram of Anabaena can cause production of Anabaena toxin, which has the ability to cause death within two minutes, Thomas, et al, Those arising from the later reason occur because of the pollution activities, especially eutrophication which leads to nutrient loading in the sea waters.

The rich agricultural farm lands in the coastal zones have been linked to this phenomenon. Thomas and his colleges has found that the heavy chemical agriculture taking place in the Florida has added to the menace of the presence of natural red tides of the coast of this state, Thomas et al, Besides the chemical cause of human activities, the Wikipedia encyclopedia has found that the continued rise in temperature, especially in the tropics has also offered a favourable ground for the sprouting of the microorganism, although it is not clear the exact optimal temperature which favors the growth of algae.

The increase in the coverage area by these algal blooms has also been implicated on the recent untimely fluctuations in the tropical climatic conditions.

Accordingly, the numerous occurrences of the red tides off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico have been directly linked to this change. However, the causal factors mentioned above have been known not to apply across the board.

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In some locations off the coast of Mexico, according to the Wikipedia encyclopedia, the Gulf of Mexico has been a natural habitat for the microbes since the discovery of the new lands. Doubts have been cast over the so called increase citing the frequent observations that have been made on these areas as raising the presumed increase in the red tides.

The largest of all sea creatures the whale, by filter feeding, takes a large amount of these microorganisms. However, in as much as it is known that there is no harm caused by this phytoplankton are plants of algal groups; William, Gordon, Craig, and David have found that when the concentration reaches a notch of sixty million cells per liter, then the toxicity levels are very high to affect life in the sea, William, et al The toxins which apparently have no negative effect on the algae themselves may cause harm to co-existing biological life in various ways.

William and his colleges, in their —Life, the Life of biology- have explicitly noted that the toxin produced is actually toxic to the nervous system of the fishes, William, et al, T he toxin is also accumulated in the shell fish to very high and although it has no noted negative effect on the fish it is potentially fatal to the person who feasts on the fish.

Some more negative impacts have been noted, according to the Wikipedia encyclopedia, to include several ailments among the coastal communities, in addition to increased mortality following intake of the poison directly or indirectly.

In the past the red tides have been recorded to a number of ailments among the populations neighboring the affected coastal.

The most notable ones include the Florida red tides. Although no actual mortality records have been revealed but they have known to cause problems related to the respiratory system, namely sneezing and coughing. I n real sense the toxin produced by the Karenia brevis and can be blown by wind to the land.

It has been realized that although swimming is safe in most cases, swimming in sea with high concentration of the chemical has been attributed to many skin irritation of the swimmers.

But perhaps the recent lively example of the danger that can be caused by the red tides was reported in The red tide which was presumed to have originated from Canada and brought down to Maine and Massachusetts, closed the shell fish beds in the two states.

Scientists who studied the spread of this toxic algal mass have warned of a possible further spread of the algae to the south. Lastly, the Wikipedia encyclopedia has found that Gonyaulax tamarense, a dinoflagellate, was behind the red tide poisoning reported cases of New England in As we conclude it is important that we end by having a precise definition of what the red tides are.

From the foregoing discussion, we noted that the red tides are named just because of a color phenomenon.Figure 1 show river A (Sungai Kenawar) which has no algal bloom on its surface. The source of this river originates from the domestic sewage. Meanwhile, in river B, .

the biology of the algal bloom. According to the Wikipedia encyclopedia, the red tide is an occurrence mostly observed in the estuarine and coastal areas. The mostly affected coastal areas include the Gulf of Mexico and coast of Papua New Guinea.

There are still a lot of things that are not known about the algal bloom phenomenon, and many different hypotheses have been presented to explain these. Throughout the course of this paper those hypotheses will be presented and discussed, allowing the reader to derive their own opinion about the origin of algal blooms and what will happen in.

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