Rajput architecture the mewar havelis

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Rajput architecture the mewar havelis

Destination Welcome to Udaipur In A. This beautiful city amidst lush green hills of Aravalis is gleaming in its abundance of lakes, Palaces, gardens, fountains, and white marble abodes. Udaipur over the years has reached the heights of popularity not only in the tourist sector but has gone a long way in business sphere as well.

The sacrifices made by various personalities over the time are examples which no history on Earth can compare.

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Thus it has developed as a business center too. Udaipur also has a variety of marble, granite, soapstone, wooden articles, textiles, antiques, white metal furniture, silver jewellery, painting, semi precious stone, leather goods etc. It extends a considerable distance along the east bank of the lake.

South of the palace, a pleasant garden runs down to the shore. The original structure was built in the sixteenth century. Thereafter, each successive generation of rulers in Udaipur made its architectural mark on the City Palace complex.

By the end of the nineteenth century the Maharana's Palace was a city in itself, with storehouses, stables, wells and farms within it's walls. Inspite of being a conglomeration of buildings added by various rulers, the palace complex manages to retain a surprising integrity of design.

The palace has numerous balconies, towers and cupolas and there are stunning views over the lake and the city from the upper terraces.

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The main part of the palace has now been preserved as a museum. It has a large and varied collection of artifacts.

Rajput architecture the mewar havelis

The museum includes the Bari Mahal, which has a lovely central garden. The Mor Chowk with it's beautiful mosaics of peacocks; the Manak Mahal with it's collection of glass and porcelain figures and the Krishna Vilas with it's fine collection of miniatures are a treat not to be missed.

The Zenana Mahal The women's private living quarters in a palace also has a collection of paintings. If one wants to see examples of beautiful mirror-work then a visit to the Moti Mahal is a must. The Chini Mahal is covered in beautiful oriental tiles. Lake Pichola This lake is the centre-piece around which Udaipur revolves.

It started off as a small pond built by a banjara, who dammed up the waters of a mountain stream by building a dyke.

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Maharana Udai Singh extended this pond, creating the exquisite Lake Pichola. The lake lies to the immediate west of the ridge on which the City Palace of Udaipur stands. Maharana Udai Singh built a masonry dam, known as Badi Pol, and the lake is now 4 km long and 3 km wide.

Amusingly, the water of the lake belongs to the Government of India whilst the land under water belongs to the royal family. Sajjan Garh Perched on top of a distant mountain like a fairy-tale castle, this melancholy, neglected late 19th-century palace was constructed by Maharana Sajjan Singh.

Originally an astronomical centre, it became a monsoon palace and hunting lodge. Now government owned, it is recently been restored and renovated so now visitors stream up here for the marvellous views, particularly at sunset. The way to the top passes through elegant gardens, including a rock garden in the distinctive Japanese style.

The park is open to the public from 9 am to 6 pm. Shilpgram Three km west of Fateh Sagar is an interesting place called Shilpgram, a crafts village with traditional houses from four states-Rajasthan, Gujarat, Goa and Maharashtra.

Daily demonstrations by musicians, dancers or artisans from various states are held here. Camel or horse rides are available here. It's open daily from 9 am to 6 pm.

There's no public transport to Shilpgram, so you'll have to take an auto-rickshaw or taxi, or you'll have to rent a bicycle.

The beautiful Ayad Jain Templem back towards Udaipur, is also well worth a look while you are here. Ahar was also the site of ancient settlement that predated Udaipur by three-and-a-half millennia. Just m along the road from the royal cremation ground, the Ahar Government Museum contains copper and pottery objects more than years old, plus sculptures of Hindu gods and tirthankars great Jain teachers from the 8th to 16th centuries AD.

The Durbar Hall India's most impressive, with a sumptuous interior boasting some of the largest chandeliers in the country.

Also called Minto Hall in his honour, the majestic hall once hosted formal court gatherings, state banquets and royal weddings. Numerous old paintings, weapons and grand portraits of former Maharanas of Mewar adorn the walls of this hall.

The top floor of this high ceiling hall, where the crystal collection is now housed, was the viewing gallery, from where the ladies of the palace, used to watch in veiled seclusion, the special functions happening in the Durbar Hall below.Mewar led others in resistance to Muslim rule: Rana Sanga united the various Rajput clans and fought against the foreign powers in India.

Rana Sanga defeated the Afghan Lodi Empire of Delhi and crushed the Turkic Sultanates of Malwa and Gujarat. 15 days Rajasthan Rural Village Tours Packagetakes you through the important famous historical cities of Rajasthan as well as the smaller off-track places.

The Temple at Osian is visited both by Jains as well as Hindus.

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Kumbhalgarh Fort is said to have one of the largest peripheries in the world. Jodhpur, the second largest city in Rajasthan is popularly known as the Blue City. The name is clearly befitting as most of the architecture – forts, palaces, temples, havelis and even houses are built in vivid shades of blue.

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Real Rajput. 2, likes · 2 talking about this. A Rajput (from Sanskrit raja-putra, "son of a king") is a member of one of the patrilineal clans of. Rajput painting, also called Rajasthani painting, evolved and flourished in the royal courts of Rajputana in grupobittia.com Rajputana kingdom evolved a distinct style, but with certain common features.

Rajput paintings depict a number of themes, events of epics like the Ramayana.

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