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Though Renaissance writers seemed to be quite on the side of "order," the theme of "disorder" is much in evidence, suggesting that the age may have been experiencing some growing discomfort with traditional hierarchies. Human beings, for example, were pictured as placed between the beasts and the angels. To act against human nature by not allowing reason to rule the emotions--was to descend to the level of the beasts. Yet Renaissance writers at times showed ambivalence towards such a rigidly organized universe.

Political features

Beginnings[ change change source ] The United States presidential election in did not have any Political features parties. There were four main candidates for president: At the end of the race, none of the candidates had enough votes in the electoral college to win, and the United States House of Representatives had to choose the winner.

The three final candidates were Adams, Crawford, and Jackson. Even though Clay was not one of these finalists, he was the Speaker of the Houseand it was his job to negotiate who would become president. Jackson had the most popular votes votes cast by citizens and the most electoral votes votes cast by the electoral collegebut was not elected.

Instead, John Quincy Adams was elected president.

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He immediately chose Clay to be his Secretary of State. He gathered his supporters in politics and the local militias and created the Democratic Party. Van Buren was popular in Virginia and Pennsylvaniaand he had the support of their electoral college votes.

The new Democratic Party beat Adams in the U.

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He strongly opposed the Second Bank of the United States. It was very similar to the Federal Reserve System that would be developed later. The bank was controlled by the banker Nicholas Biddle and supported by Henry Clay.

Jackson did not like any banks, and he did not believe in paper money. He believed that money should only be gold and silver. As president, he was able to close the Second Bank.

He issued his Specie Circular in July Specie is a word that means gold and silver used as money.

Political features

The Circular said that only gold and siver coins, and not paper money, could be used to buy federal land. This made most businessmen and bankers join the Whig party. Also, cities that depended on commerce trade and industry became supporters of the Whig party.

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Jackson became more popular with subsistence farmers farmers who grow crops to eat, but not to sell and day laborers. These government jobs were given as rewards and incentives something that makes a person try harder to keep working for the political party.

Jackson used the spoils system a lot when he was president. He rewarded his supporters and promised future jobs if local and state politicians joined his team.

He believed in the theory of rotation in officewhere people would only remain in a position for a short time. Other leaders of the Democratic Party wanted to give civil service jobs to friends and loyal party members. The spoils system was ended in the s.The official website for Rick Lazio.

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