Memories evoked by vietnamese lunar new year

At first I only noticed it as a feeling, an additional layer of frenzy that was not manifested in the streets, but in the air around me. People walked a bit faster, their smiles slightly strained and their thoughts turned inward, visible even to a new visitor like me. After a few days of this palpable change in the air, the streets of the city got even busier than usualand more impatient. The new normal was a customary chaos coupled with an undercurrent of impatience rarely seen in the city.

Memories evoked by vietnamese lunar new year

To celebrate the most important holiday in the country, generations of the Vietnamese have been following their traditions to cook some special dishes, such as Banh Chung and Banh Tet the steamed cakeCu Kieu the pickled onionsetc.

Read on to know the special food for Tet in Vietnam. And, Banh Chung is the indispensable item for the Tet celebration particularly in the North of Vietnam.

It is the square-shaped rice cake including sticky rice, seasoned pork, and mung bean, wrapped in the banana leaves. Also, some chefs might wrap the package in plastic, tie it with the little red or green ribbon, and stick a small red paper on it, which means good luck.

Traditionally, the square shape of Banh Chung represents the Earth, associated with deep meanings of the universe. Besides the steamed version, the Northern people also prefer the fried version by frying Banh Chung on the nonstick frying pan with a little oil and moderate heat.

Packages of this square-shaped cake take hours of boiling to finish. This is the popular item in the South of Vietnam, which also takes long hours for boiling. All activities create the cozy and happy memories.

In particular, the pickled small leeks are often prepared by the housewives in even weeks before the Tet holiday. Also, some families prefer to buy the plastic jars of the pickled onions in the local market.

In any way, the pickles are so common that almost every family wants at least one jar available in their kitchens. This kind of traditional food for Vietnamese Lunar New Year is good for digestion of the other meat-rich dishes.

The candied fruits are wildly popular in the local markets, which ensure every family can buy kilograms of the candied treats like coconut, sweet potato, tamarind, mango, etc. The brightly colored candied fruits are usually present on the tables to serve any guest who comes during the Tet spans. People of all ages love to chew it.

Mut Tet — Candied Fruits 5: Yummy Seeds and Nuts The most popular items are the salt roasted cashew nut, lotus seed, watermelon seed, sunflower seed, sesame seed candy, and peanut candy. Otherwise, you can buy the preferred yummy food and discover the taste by yourself.

The chewing experience is rewarding.

Chung Cake (Square Cake) – soul of Vietnamese cuisine

Lotus seeds in Vietnsmese Tet Festival 6: Boiled Chicken — The most popular food for Vietnamese Lunar New Year Most of the altars to worship the ancestors in Vietnam have a space for the boiled chicken — the delicious food for Tet holidays. People might put the processed whole chicken to do worshipping, but some families might decide to chop the chicken into the little pieces and display them on the plate.

Memories evoked by vietnamese lunar new year

The food should be topped with the Vietnamese coriander and eaten with the sauce including salt, pepper, and lemon juice. The yellow boiled and skin-perfect chicken represents the good beginning of the New Year.

Boiled Chicken — The traditional food in Tet 7: Both are fried to be crunchy outside while the interior includes meat, egg, mushroom, onion, shrimp, peanut, etc.

And then, the real Tet craziness begins

These kinds of spring roll are often served with the fresh vegetables, wrapped in the rice paper, and dipped into the fish sauce. As usual, the spring rolls should be served while it is still hot and crispy… See Vietnamese spring roll recipe here!

No matter how modern a family is, everybody is advised to have some of the special food for Tet on their tables during the festive periods. Besides cleaning and decorating houses, and exchanging the best wishes, eating well is a must to do for the Tet celebrations. So if you arrive in Vietnamese during the special occasion when the whole country joins the relaxing vibe, feel free to savor the Vietnamese traditional food for Tet that you find along the way.

In fact, Vietnamese Lunar New Year is also an excellent occasion for the overseas foodies to eat the Tet delicacies which are rarely found at the other times.Memories of Tet Offensive New year holiday.

The attacks began during the Vietnamese lunar new year holiday known as Tet Nguyen Dan. Among the earliest and most significant was an assault by. Apr 13,  · Vietnamese New Year will be on Tuesday, February 5, Vietnamese New Year or Lunar New Year is known in Vietnam as Tet Nguyen Dan, or simply Tet, the Lunar New Year is a celebration of spring and the upcoming Tet holiday starts on the beginning of a new year based on the Chinese lunar calendar/5(3).

Eating Disorders and the Vietnamese Lunar New Year (Tết)

The Lunar New Year in Saigon promises overseas travelers to get lots of delightful memories of Vietnamese Tet in the charming city.

Saigon (aka Ho Chi Minh City) is famed for its bustling vibe on the normal weekdays and weekends, but during Tết, the city turns to be somehow charming and different as many people leave Saigon and come . The Lunar New Year is the biggest and most important holiday of the year in Vietnam (and most East Asian countries).

Imagine the renewal of New Year’s Eve, plus the meals of Thanksgiving, the presents of the Christmastime holidays, the strong religious ties of Easter, and the festivities of the. Tet holiday or Vietnam Lunar New Year is the most significant festival in Vietnam.

As a result of being calculated by the lunar calendar, Tet often occurs at the end of January, which is later than the New Year.

Memories evoked by vietnamese lunar new year

In the weeks leading up to Lunar New Year, called Tet in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) underwent a gradual transformation. At first I only noticed it as a feeling, an additional layer of frenzy that was not manifested in the streets, but in the air around me.

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