Malunggay can be used as water purifier essay

May 06, Pilot plant to convert sea water is at Tamil Nadu's Kalpakkam Plant has a capacity to produce 6. They have also developed certain filtration methods that ensure groundwater containing arsenic and uranium are safe to drink. The pilot plant at Tamil Nadu's Kalpakkam, built by scientists of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre use waste steam from a nuclear reactor to purify the seawater.

Malunggay can be used as water purifier essay

Watch the video for details. A homemade water filter like this would be great for filtering and purifying water stored in rainwater catchment systems. BSFs have been shown to remove 5. Filtration process Pathogens and suspended solids are removed through a combination of biological and physical processes that take place in the biolayer and within the sand layer.

Suspended solids and pathogens are physically trapped in the spaces between the sand grains. Pathogens are consumed by other microorganisms in the biolayer. Pathogens become attached to each other, suspended solids in the water and the sand grains.

Pathogens finish their life cycle or die because there is not enough food or oxygen for them to survive.

Removal of contaminants Turbidity Results for turbidity reductions vary depending on the turbidity of the influent water.

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Water with high turbidity looks dirty due to sand, silt and clay floating in the water. Feed turbidity in one study ranged from 1. In a study, water was obtained from sample taps of water treatment plants from three local reservoirs.

It poured through a slow sand filter and results showed that turbidity decreased to a mean of 1. As the biofilm above the sand ripens turbidity removal increases. Although bio-sand filters do exhibit a high reduction in turbidity, slow sand filters show higher removals due to a slower filtration rate.

Heavy metals There is limited research on removal of heavy metals by bio-sand filters.

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Over a time period of about two months, it was found that the bio-sand filter may increase in the removal for E. The removal after this time period ranged from The addition of primary effluent or waste water facilitates the growth of the biofilm which aids bacterial die-off.

Research in the field shows that implemented bio-sand filters reduce fewer bacteria than ones in a controlled environment.

In research conducted in 55 households of Bonao, Dominican Republic, the average E. Viruses Lab tests have shown that while the reduction of E. A recent study has suggested that virus removal increases significantly over time, reaching Protozoa In one lab test, the bio-sand filter also got greater than a Another protozoa, Cryptosporidium oocysts, showed to have a slightly lower reduction This removal showed to be comparable to that of the slow sand filter.

In fact, that garbage you are so disgusted with just may save your life one day. Well, the hillbilly DIY water filter is how.

A little science and ingenuity is all you need to purify water with stuff you will likely find in the great outdoors. Water that comes from an unknown source is widely accepted as unsafe to drink. We are talking deadly bacteria, feces and a variety of other nasty impurities that would do a real number on your body if you ingested them.

For that reason, you absolutely must purify the water before you consume it. You must have water to survive. One of the most common ways to purify water is to boil it. Unfortunately, in a survival situation, that is not always an option. Making Water Safer With Trash As a last resort, you can use the hillbilly filtering system to get life-sustaining water into your system.

You can watch the video and see exactly what I am talking about. Basically, you need a discarded water bottle or plastic pop bottle. Foliage, like edible dandelions and chickweed, will act as a filtering system along with some charcoal material.Perhaps more novel is that the advice is printed on “scientific coffee filter” paper that can be used to purify drinking water and reduce % of bacteria.

Baseline Study of Malunggay. or any similar topic specifically for you. Your Time. HIRE WRITER. However, only few know that one of the ability of Malunggay to work as water purifier. In this study, the proponents aimed to establish the effects of Maluggay leaves and seed respectively on seawater.

We Can Help With Your Essay. FIND OUT. This is our new 10L/H water distiller, which is used to effectively remove most impurities in tap water, which can separate pure and fresh water from contaminants. With high efficiency, it takes only. hemp, and jute fibers are commonly used for textiles and rope making, but they can also be used for paper.

Some high-grade cigarette paper is made from flax. Cotton and linen rags are used in fine-grade papers such as letterhead and resume paper, and for bank notes and security certificates. Malunggay can be used as water purifier By Helen Flores (The Philippine Star) | Updated July 12, - am MANILA, Philippines – Aside from its potential as biofuel feedstock, the seed of moringa, locally known as malunggay, could also be used for treating water.

Watch video · As 13 states struggle with drought, scientists in a corner of India have devised a way to make potable water - million litre of it every day - from sea water.

Malunggay can be used as water purifier essay
Conclusion - The Importance of Drinking Filtered Water