L oreal brand positioning

Looking at several multi-brand companies, we can see that most exist in the B2C industries.

L oreal brand positioning

The leading beauty brand also found that consumers were missing an effective way of achieving the look at home. It aims to appeal to a wide range of consumers, and be the top destination for beauty.

Approach Understanding the audience: Results Established Search insights as an essential tool for trend spotting and trend monitoring Rejuvenated the home hair color category: Its products and ambassadors embody a beauty ideal summed up by its legendary signature: It provides a way to connect with people at the moments that matter in their lives, allowing the brand to position itself as an innovative beauty resource.

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You may opt out at any time. We see what's rising to the top and then closely listen to how and what she is searching for. We also learned there was a deep dissatisfaction with available instructions, especially at home. It proves you can be nimble and respond to trends even if you're a consumer packaged goods company.

If you use Search to stay close to the consumer, listen and really understand what she's looking for, you can react to it quite quickly. These diverse keywords are then met with relevant messages that drive customers to tailored content.

These searchers are then taken to pages with further information on the topic and how they can achieve the look—positioning the brand as a trusted partner in their journey.


The goal is to be the beauty brand that is always there, always relevant and as helpful as possible. Julie shares, "If you're thinking about it in the traditional product-centric way, you're actually not there for her because—guess what?

That's not how she's searching. So you're definitely not expanding your reach or increasing relevancy. But it hasn't stopped there; the brand has gone a step further to create an entire website based on how it sees people searching—by hairstyle. Julie explains, "This year, we launched our first styling line.

As we were researching the styling category, we learned a really interesting insight: Instead, they're at another level: They're looking for 'wedding hair', 'beach hair', 'date hair,' and so on. That's an expectation that we've built with her, and we need to make sure that we're using all the tools available to us to continue to deliver on that promise.

L oreal brand positioning

It provides insights that inspire new launches, reaches an interested audience and delivers engaging brand content at exactly the moment the audience wants it. I mean, if we can use Search to find out when is she searching, what is she searching for and therefore what message to serve her in the right medium, it's beautiful for everyone.Underpinned by its “Beauty for All” mission, its Universalisation strategy and its ambition of attracting a billion new consumers, L’Oréal is confident in the future.

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an incredibly addictive coffee-floral scent that embodies the brand’s positioning. L’Oréal’s La Roche-Posay is the skincare range for sensitive skin that is recommended by over 25, dermatologists worldwide.

Using minimalist formulas that exclude potentially irritating ingredients, its Toleriane range is a simple 3-step program for all types of sensitive skin to provide extreme, instant and lasting comfort and soothe damaged or irritated skin.


Developing a sustainable positioning strategy requires tackling three strategic components, all of which must work together for the brand to succeed. The first involves identifying the appropriate competitive set, or the frame of reference against which the brand is compared.

Dec 02,  · L'Oreal particularly, launched a new line of product in called "L'Oreal Men's Expert." Since its launch in , L'Oreal Men's Expert has done well across the globe by capturing a significant market share within the growing male grooming industry, Author: Glenn Meyer.

L Oreal Brand Positioning. L¡¦Oreal Nederland B.V. Pertinent Facts L¡¦Oreal is the largest cosmetics company in the world.

L’Oréal: a success story in international marketing to women

In the L¡¦Oreal Group was the largest cosmetics manufacturer in the world. They are Headquartered in Paris, it have subsidiaries in over countries. In , its sales were $ billion (a 12% over ) and net profits were $ million (a 14% increase). Nov 09,  · L’Oréal is the cosmetic leader in general as it owns a lot of different cosmetic brands: for example Lancôme, Yves Saint Laurent regarding luxury brands, l’Oréal Paris, L’Oréal Professionnel, Garnier, Mixa regarding mass-market brands and Vichy, La .

Case Study: L'Oreal Global Branding Strategy