How to write a nice melody

Well, in a very condensed form. Of course, stop reading, if this is not for you.

How to write a nice melody

How to Write a Melody I may receive a commission if you purchase something mentioned in this post. Would you like to learn how to write a melody? Learn step by step how to write your first melody in this music theory lesson about music composing for beginners.

How to Write a Melody A melody can be short or long. Simple, plain, weird, sweet But it is hard to start composing a melody when anything is possible This is an exercise in how to write a melody step by step to get over any writing blocks. STEP 1 Pick a scale. It could be any scale or mode, but for this exercise I will ask you to pick either a major or a minor scale.

This is because it is easy to begin with and to find chords that match later. Up or down, big jumps or smooth. Draw a picture, no notes yet. As you imagine the visual outline of the melody, also imagine the sound, maybe rhythm, and speed etc.

So your graphic melody idea might look something like this: This is only to have as a basic idea of the shape of the melody and to help to start your creative juices flowing!

Listen to Good Songs

STEP 3 Decide how many measures you would like the melody to be. It is a good idea to start with 4 or 8 measures. It gives a good balance, and is easy to work with when learning how to write a melody.

STEP 4 Divide your graphic in the amount of measures you decided. STEP 5 Write your scale and its key signature. This is the basic material for your melody. Like this example in C major: Draw bar lines for the number of measures you decided on.

STEP 7 To set the mood of the piece to reflect the scale you chose, end your melody on the first note of the scale. In the example this is C. So in the last measure, as the last note I write the note C.

STEP 8 Now look at your graphic diagram. For each measure, pick notes from the scale at the height you wanted, to shape the melodic outline. Use only indications of notes, or whole notes.

You are free to change your mind whenever you want. STEP 9 Does the outline look good visually? Are there any larger interval jumps? Most singers and instrumentalists do not enjoy huge jumps in the music. To make it smoother, make sure a jump of a 7th goes to the next note up, the octave, that any intervals larger than a 5th are not used too often, and avoid jumps larger than an octave.

Play the melody on your instrument. Get a feel for which notes want to go faster or slower, and if they like to be grouped together somewhere.

Make any changes you like.STEP 3. Decide how many measures you would like the melody to be. It is a good idea to start with 4 or 8 measures. It gives a good balance, and is easy to work with when learning how to write a melody. I find melodies easier to write from words, because the melody (prosody) is already there.

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I use that to. Aug 11,  · How to Write The Vocal Melody for Music. Listen for parts that sound nice to you-- where the notes you are choosing sound good with the piece of music. It is extremely helpful to know solfa (also spelled solfege) and write the melody using that.

Strongly suggested! You can also use solfa along with the musical staff%(39). Repeat the exercise, but write out the melody a fourth higher than the original.

II. Getting started

So for example, if you started the melody on A in the original stave, write it out but start on D. Now write out the same melody, but start a sixth higher than the original.

how to write a nice melody

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