Describe your favorite restaurant

Quality ingredients, authentic preparation, clean surroundings, great service, and value are what make El Gringo better than the rest. Consistently fresh Mexican food for lunch and dinner for dine-in or take-out.

Describe your favorite restaurant

Apparently someone in the chat room of the station brought it up for him to ask about. Judging from the reaction I get when telling non-restaurant people about this tactic, most people have no idea servers do this.

Describe your favorite restaurant

So today, for a little change of pace, I decided to write about some of the fun games the servers played at past restaurants to entertain ourselves. Hopefully this will bring a bit more fun to your restaurant as well. Some games are pretty obvious.

I think every server has at one point or another instructed a fly by on a table with an attractive or outlandishly dressed guest. Some of the more fun variations of this game start by picking out a particular trait biggest hair, least matching, etc at the beginning of the night.

My current favorite is ugliest Christmas sweater. Then when someone matching this description enters the building the whole staff can giggle with glee. While not everyone rocks a mullet quite as well as I did in my youth, those who still do bring a great deal of joy in these establishments.

During the summer we have a band that plays on our patio. They pick one band or artist. This turns dreading hearing the same song again into a sense of excitement.

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Then there are the games we play with each other. Our host staff remains behind the desk on a small patch of carpet. They are not able to flee. My current restaurant uses pitchers rather than pre packaged cups for coffee creamers.

My last restaurant used the pre-packaged cups, which spawned a very fun game. The rules are simple. The first step is to secretly drop one of those creamer cup in a fellow servers apron.

Then the next time you see them you smack their apron with a check presenter. Bartenders are also fun targets. The first dozen or so went unnoticed. Once she did notice, she was out to kill the person doing it.

As soon as she began to suspect me, I enlisted the help of some friends. As she lectured me about how immature I was being, they tossed used bevnaps all over the floor behind her. We are not evil people. For the most part, we actually like our guests.Is there a McDonalds Secret Menu?

The answer to this question is not an easy one, it's both a yes and a no. Officially, McDonalds hasn't confirmed any of these secret menu items, but you will find that many of these items are available at your local McDonalds. The restaurant business has always been fueled by word-of-mouth marketing.

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