China and african relations energy and military essay

For many Africans, however, the rise of China has meant investments, loans, and an alternative path to economic development than the one offered by Western institutions. This month historian Ousman Murzik Kobo looks at the long-term relationship between China and Africa, examines its origins in the Cold War, and questions whether these ties with China are good for Africa or simply another form of colonialism. On one hand, huge new markets have opened to American companies; on the other, Chinese producers have created stiff competition. As a result of its intense trade with China, Africa registered 5.

China and african relations energy and military essay

These new realities, both locally and globally, are changing the way they cooperate. With that in mind, here are four areas that have blossomed in the past few years — four trends to watch that may end up defining the future of China-Africa relations.

China and african relations energy and military essay

Industrialization Enjoying this article? Click here to subscribe for full access. The stereotypical image of China-Africa relations goes something like this: China imports natural and energy resources from the continent, while exporting its cheap manufactured goods.

Industrialization just happens to be exactly what many African countries are aiming for as well. The need for a more active Chinese approach has been driven home in the past five years by crises that threatened Chinese citizens and assets in Sudan and Libya, and more recently by the terrorist attack in Mali that cost the lives of three Chinese citizens.

Beijing has taken a more hands-on approach to mediation in the Sudan-South Sudan conflict than it has anywhere else in the world. China also deployed its first-ever battalion to the UN peacekeeping forces in South Sudan, another sign of how seriously China takes that conflict.

But China has been increasing cooperation and exchanges with Africa on the cultural front, particularly when it comes to the media and education spheres. Meanwhile, Chinese companies are gaining market share in telecoms and satellite television as well.

China paints these educational initiatives as victories for China-African cooperation and mutual understanding. Others see something more sinister.

China and african relations energy and military essay

According to Xinhua, Xi pledged on Friday to build five cultural centers in Africa, as well as providing funding for African scholars and African students to visit China each year. The policy paper also called for more government dialogues on media cooperation as well as cooperation between media outlets including content exchanges, joint reporting, and personnel training.

After years of being accused of contributing to wildlife decimation in Africa, China is stepping up to combat the issue. Its new policy paper promised that: China will engage in dialogue and cooperation on the conservation of endangered species of wild fauna and flora, step up intelligence sharing and capacity building in law enforcement, and crack down on transnational organized crimes related to endangered wildlife trafficking.

Beyond wildlife, China also pledged increased cooperation with Africa to fight climate change.In place of the ideological and military focus of the Cold War, China concentrated on developing economic relations, not only changing the African economic landscape but also transforming Africa’s relations with the West.

China and Africa: An Emerging Partnership for Development? African Development Bank Group Edited by: Richard Schiere, Léonce Ndikumana, and Peter Walkenhorst. China is in the process of modernizing much of its military, in large part because Beijing was spooked by two American operations.


First, the Chinese were stunned by how quickly the U.S. military annihilated the Iraqi army in the first Gulf War, with virtually no casualties on the American side. There is a lot on the agenda for the upcoming Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) summit that will convene in Beijing on September 3.

Leaders from 50 African Podcast, Resources. China-Africa Relations in the 21st Century O China’s African policy and its interests on the continent. China’s New outlook PLA has regular military interaction with 41 African countries and pledges to increase current levels of involvement substantially before Overall, PLA activities in Africa.

Apr 03,  · Chinese President Xi Jinping wants to "write a new chapter in China-Zimbabwe relations" and create an intensive strategic partnership between the two, just months after a de facto military .

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