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Cell phones a boon as a nuisance

Only time will tell at this juncture. IMO, the Z pros still far outweigh the cons, but it's better to know about such things up front.

What you won't find here are complaints like, "Why didn't Nissan throw in this or that expensive feature for the price? Then they'd be tempted to cut back on the mechanicals. Thanks, but no thanks. The car is a bargain as is by any standard, and the motoring press seems to agree.

Even more telling is this recurring theme: At every car magazine with a long-term Z test, the staff fought daily over who got to take the Z. The minister leaned over the podium with a stern, piercing look. What's been fixed for remains unclear at this early stage of the model year, but some of the early problems e.

Nissan added a subwoofer to the Bose audio system and claims to have "retuned" it, but I'm sorry to say that it still disappoints in the mid-range.

Front tire feathering still plagues some Z-cars. By all accounts, these changes first appeared on cars made in October, or later. Certainly, none of the interior changes showed up in my July, roadster. First, the home runs Let's give credit where credit is due: Nissan got most things right and all the really important things the mechanicals spectacularly right in the roadster.

Before I start nitpickinglet me count some of the biggest home runs, in no particular order:Nothing's perfect* The roadster clearly left behind some of the known imperfections of the early coupes, but it still carries forward some minor flaws and manages to add a few, most of which are common to ragtops and coupes alike.

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Cell phones a boon as a nuisance

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