Angel thesis

His eyes are staring, his mouth is open, his wings are spread.

Angel thesis

Angel thesis edit ] For thousands of years, southwestern Indiana was home to successive cultures of Native Americanswho settled Angel thesis the rivers and used them for travel and trade. Beginning after AD, people of the widespread Mississippian culture built a town at this site, covering acres 0.

It was given National Historic Landmark status as part of this recognition. This site is the most northeastern of the Mississippian culturewhich had sites throughout the river valleys of the Mississippi and its tributaries, such as the Ohio River, and ranging into North Carolina and as far south as Mississippi.

Continuing excavations at the site reveal new elements of the complex society.

Angel thesis

They were known for building characteristic earthwork moundswith shapes including platformconical and ridgetop as seen at Cahokia. Angel Mounds was a chiefdom the base of the chief and the regional center of a large residential and agricultural community that extended for several miles around.

They built a major earthwork, working with a variety of soils to create a stable mass. The platform mound held their central community.

They traded with other chiefdoms and peoples along the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. This settlement was the largest-known town of its time in Indiana. Scholars believe the town may have contained as many as 1, inhabitants at its peak.

Angel thesis

Archaeologists infer that the smaller communities were politically subordinate to the main site. The people engaged in hunting and farming on the rich bottom lands of the Ohio River.

In addition to the mounds they built for ceremonial and cosmological purposes, they constructed a defensive foot 3. Pottery making in diorama at museum at Angel The Mississippian people abandoned the site long before European contact. No one knows why the civilization declined, but scholars have speculated that an extended regional drought reduced the maize surpluses that had enabled the concentration of population.

In addition, the people may have overhunted, as well as reducing forests by their consumption of wood for the stockade, houses and fires. Archaeologists theorize that with the collapse of the chiefdom bymany of the Angel people had relocated downriver to the confluence of the Ohio and Wabash rivers.

A new Late Mississippian cultural group subsequently emerged and have been named by archeologists as the Caborn-Welborn culture.

The Angel of History

In the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, European-American settlers migrated to the area from the east, and settled to farm the land. Much like the Native Americans, they were attracted by the rich soil and temperate growing season. Among these settlers was Mathias Angel, who owned a farmstead on the site of Angel Mounds from until his death in His brothers owned adjacent farms, and the land remained in the Angel family until Angel Mounds State Historic Site is named after this family.

Preservation of the site[ edit ] Inthe Indiana Historical Society purchased acres of the Angel family property to protect the historically valuable site. Eli Lillya major business man and philanthropist, donated the money for the purchase.

Inthe Historical Society gave the property to the State of Indiana. In it gave the archeological excavation rights to Indiana Universitywhich had been conducting research there since The original purchase was augmented by Elda Clayton Herts' donation of 20 acres containing an early Woodland mound.

Black began scientific excavations during the Great Depression ; the project was financed by President Franklin D. Indiana University has continued archaeological research there since Preservation and archaeology excavations at Angel Mounds State Historic Site offer a glimpse into this highly developed culture.

For 60 years, this living museum has told the story of a major pre-contact Native American culture on the Ohio River. Archaeological work at Angel Mounds is conducted by the Glenn A.

Black Laboratory of Archaeology at Indiana University. This institution was named after Glenn Albert Blackthe archaeologist who conducted most of the excavations at Angel Mounds.

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He brought the site to national attention. His two-volume study of the site remains the definitive work. The university holds an annual archeology field school at the site during the summer, with a six-week program of training and work.

Found during the season's excavation were pottery tools and masses of prepared, slightly fired clay pieces. It appeared to be a kind of production line, with the works awaiting finishing and firing as bowls, jars or figures. Setting[ edit ] Artists conception of the Angel Mounds site The Mississippian farmers found this location by the Ohio River ideal for agricultural purposes, as annual spring floods replenished the nutrients in the soil and allowed cultivation of maize.A Cruel Angel's Thesis is the opening theme song for the series Neon Genesis Evangelion, composed by Hidetoshi Sato and sung by Yoko Takahashi.

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