An analysis of the shannon international airport

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An analysis of the shannon international airport

At that time, it was an important refuelling stop for flights from North America. Today, Shannon serves over 1. This modern facility features 40 check-in desks, 14 departure gates and 5 luggage carousels. Shannon Airport is unique in Ireland, in so far as that the runway can cater for the largest aeroplanes currently in use, notably the A with a wingspan of In fact, the runway at almost 3, meters long is a designated landing site for the Space Shuttle The US began offering pre-clearance services in the s.

The service was expanded to include agricultural and customs inspections inat which point Shannon became the first airport in the world to offer such a comprehensive service. The terminal is outfitted with a range of modern facilities, including free wireless Internet accessshopping facilities and a range of bars and restaurants.

The airport is the most westerly airport in Europe, situated on the West coast of Ireland, on the banks of the River Shannon Estuary. This westerly position provides an ideal gateway to and from Europe for trans-Atlantic flights.

An analysis of the shannon international airport

Situated on more than 2,00 acres, the Airport is less than 25 kilometres from Limerick City, and due to a much-improved road network, extremely well connected with Galway City.

The actual city of Shannon is not a tourist destination, as it was purpose-built to serve the airport and its employees.

With this in mind, transportation is an important consideration for those flying into the terminal. Car rental from Shannon Airport is particularly practical, as significant travel almost always follows incoming flights.

An analysis of the shannon international airport

History Origins of Shannon Airport In terms of aviation history, Shannon Airport was preceded by a seaplane base at Foynes, before the Irish Government undertook a survey to find suitable bases for trans-Atlantic flights. In the first scheduled commercial flight between America and Europe landed at Shannon Airport, an American Overseas Airline flight.

The number of international carriers using Shannon Airport rose sharply in the following years. During this time, aircraft needed to refuel before flying onwards, and Shannon Airport was the ideal choice. Duty Free In fact, the first ever duty-free shop was opened at Shannon Airport inoffering commercial and catering services to passengers.

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At this time, the duty-free operation was run by one employee! In the duty-free shop began to sell alcoholic produce, with passengers able to avail of tax-free prices.

The airport is in fact now publicly owned. Since the split with the DAA, Shannon Airport has increased passenger numbers for the first time in many years and made a profit.

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An analysis of the shannon international airport

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Shannon Airport is unique in Ireland, in so far as that the runway can cater for the largest aeroplanes currently in use, notably the A with a wingspan of meters and the An with a wingspan of meters. Geographic Numbering Areas are those associated with a particular Area Code.

There are 50 Area Codes (excluding the code for Northern Ireland).

Welcome to the Virginia Department of Aviation