4th grade halloween writing activities

These traditions include corn mazes, massive pumpkins, ghost tours and more. If you want to go beyond the typical, "What are you going to be for Halloween?

4th grade halloween writing activities

Day of the Dead also called "Dia de los Muertos," is a holiday or festival which is celebrated in Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, and other areas in Central and South America populated with the Latino ethnic background.

November 2nd is the official date for Day of the Dead, although it is celebrated between October 31st and November 2nd. This correspondence results from the Catholic Church's efforts to "find similarities between the indigenous and Christian beliefs.

Today the celebration takes place at about the same time ancient corn festivals were celebrated, when food from a plentiful harvest was shared with the deceased. Now certain customs vary within different regions.

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The best way to describe this holiday is to say it is a time when family members who have died are remembered. In Mexico, this festival is considered to be the most important holiday of the year.

Although this celebration is associated with the dead, it is not portrayed as a morbid or depressing time, but rather a period full of life, happiness, color, food, family, and fun. There is excitement everywhere. In many areas, outdoor markets are displayed in which they sell many symbolic goods, such as special breads, flowers, pottery, baskets, candles, paper puppets, candy skulls, etc.

The main symbols of this holiday are skulls and skeletons, which are displayed throughout the cities. Scenes of skeletons hugging, marching, dancing, and laughing are seen in window displays on the streets. Marigolds are another significant symbol for the Day of the Dead festivity, and are known as the "flower of the dead.

In their homes, between Oct. Sometimes they are shown at the gravesites as well. They decorate their graves with flowers, enjoy picnics consisting of favorite foods of the deceased, and socially interact with others at the cemetery.

This is an important social ritual that the Latino people see as "a way of recognizing the cycle of life and death that is human existence.

The whole occasion is festive, and everyone talks of the dead as if they were still alive.

4th grade halloween writing activities

During this time, people "remember, re-live, and enjoy. It is said to be good luck to be the one who bites into the plastic toy skeleton hidden by the baker in each loaf.

Candy in the shape of skulls, skeletons, and coffins, and many favorite Mexican dishes tamales, moles, chiles, enchiladas are consumed as well.


This holiday is believed to "welcome the souls of the dead. They are thought to return to be with their living relatives for a few brief hours each year in this world, but come as spirits who have returned from another world. A widely held belief is that the souls of the children "angelitos" return first, and food and gifts appropriate for their age and taste will be set out for them.

Everything is in miniature: The adult dead are said to return on Nov.Surfnetkids» Halloween» Celebrations» Fourth Grade And Up Halloween Crafts Fourth Grade And Up Halloween Crafts Witch crash- again this is a great yard craft.

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